Please note the technical content of the guidance is currently in testing and development phase. The questionnaire needs to be refined. So please read it with caution.

Welcome to Sustainable Estates Options Appraisal Methodology!

This online guidance has been developed as a questionnaire, with a series of ‘Yes/No’ questions. When you complete the questionnaire you can export your answers and the results in a pdf format. However, if you do not fully complete the questionnaire, or switch to other areas of the questionnaire, or return to the home page, the data input will not be saved.

If you are doing a full assessment, it is recommended that you follow through the questionnaire with as many answers as you can provide and save the document as pdf for later reference.

Questionnaire structure

The guidance is organised into three steps, as described below, with questions in each step covering the following categories: Fitness for Purpose, Building Users, Cost Efficiency, Energy efficiency and Resource efficiency.

Drivers and Objectives

The aim of this step is to identify high-level estate needs, stemming from relevant national agenda and policies; map an organisation's strategic plan, and feedback any priorities highlighted by the stakeholders.

For completion by:

  • The client or the owner of the estate

Building Assessment

This step helps to assess the current performance of specific building(s) under consideration for refurbishment or redevelopment based on up to date, robust and complete information.

It is recommended that this step is completed prior to undertaking Options appraisal. This is to establish the base case scenario of how the existing building meets your requirements.

For completion by:

  • The client or the owner of the estate
  • The project team

Options appraisal

The purpose of this step is to compare different options, and how they perform against the strategic objectives by improving the performance of the building under question.

For completion by:

  • The client or the owner of the estate
  • The project team

Evaluation methodology

Step 1 is a questionnaire to enable the user to establish strategic position of the estate. This is not scored.

Steps 2&3 (Assessing individual building(s) and Options appraisal) are assessed using the following minimum weighting for each of these categories. These weighting are based on an assumption of their relative impact in the overall decision making process. This was developed based on the comments received through stakeholders’ consultation.

Categories Category Weighting
1. Fitness for Purpose 25%
2. Building users 25%
3. Cost efficiency 20%
4. Energy efficiency 20%
5. Resource efficiency 10%

The questionnaire is structured in such a way that it only presents questions that are relevant to your decision making requirements. Please select your role and the purpose for using this guidance to help us present the information relevant to your interest.

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